- To protect those on the front lines and prevent the spread of infection, the government decided today to offer medical personnel in contact with the patient a third dose of the vaccine. We start with those who were vaccinated first. The municipalities and the FHI are currently working on development plans for this offer, so that the burden on the municipalities is not too high, says Ingvild Kjerkol, Minister of Health and Care.

Healthcare professionals will receive a third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine

The National Institute of Public Health recommends offering a refreshing dose to health and care personnel who work closely with patients at particularly high risk of developing severe Covid-19. These will be primarily nursing home and home care personnel. Other people who have similar relationships with patients who work in different parts of primary and specialized health services will also receive an offer.

Possibility of expansion with other groups of medical personnel

- The recommendation can later be extended to other groups of medical personnel. This will depend, among other things, on the situation of infection or increased knowledge, emphasizes Kjerkol.

265 people work in primary health care. patient-oriented people, in specialized healthcare 124 It is estimated that about half of them are offered booster doses.

Exposure to infection and the consequences of infection from worker to patient will vary between occupational groups and patient groups. For example, the risk will depend on how close, frequent, and long-term the contact is with the patient. Also from the basic risk of contracting seriously Covid-19 in the event of an infection.

More than 70 percent of healthcare professionals are positive about the third dose

- At the same time, I would encourage those who did not receive doses 1 and 2 to get vaccinated. Do it for yourself, your colleagues and for the protection of patients - says Kjerkol.

FHI surveys show that over 70 percent of healthcare professionals are positive about the refreshment dose.

Source: regjeringen

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