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Great architecture of Norway

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Norway, called the country of fjords, delights not only with its wonderful Scandinavian landscape, numerous fjords, beautiful cliffs and amazing mountains. The architecture of this country can as well take your breath away. We will show you three amazing buildings that amaze with their workmanship, style and idea. Each of them is characterized by something different. 

Amazing cottage in Femunden

Rural but sophisticated, these two words perfectly describe this cottage. The cottage is located near the Femundsarka National Park on Lake Femunden. The author of this unique place is Aslak Haanshuus from AHAA. The owners living in it can afford contact with Scandinavian nature, which is not lacking in that area. The house consists of two old parts, but also a new one that has been added. It is worth mentioning that the two old parts are now 100 years old. This did not prevent their interiors from being adapted to the times of modern architecture, but still maintaining their atmosphere. A wonderful solution is to illuminate the darkened parts of the building by inserting translucent fragments. If we are lovers of beautiful views, the living area of ​​this house will be our favorite room. Why? Well, this part of the building offers a beautiful view of Lake Femunden and the mountains.


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Oslo Opera House

The Norwegian authorities began to boast about this building during the edition of "Contemporary Norwegian Architecture 2000-2005", then it was presented as a treasure of this country. In fact, its opening date was April 12, 2008. The designer of the marble building is Snoetta Architects. Nothing larger than this building has been built in Norway for 700 years. Its amazing location at the junction of land and sea adds even more effect. The opera house has a sloping roof made of 30 marble slabs. Its design allows residents and tourists to walk on it like a promenade, making it a public part of the city. The building has as many as 1100 rooms.


Borgund stave church

One of the main elements that make up Norway's architecture? These are definitely stave churches that the Norwegians talk about stave church. One of them that has been fully preserved to this day is the church in Borgund. The building was erected in 1150, and the main and only material for its construction was wood. Interestingly, because in its interior we will not find traditional decorations such as benches, artificial light or any decorations. This church doesn't have any of these things, and its only illumination is natural light coming through the windows. Although it might seem that the building is simple, or even poor, it cannot be said when we learn that the pulpit comes from the XNUMXth century, the facades are decorated with sculptures of fantastic animals, the west door has retained its Romanesque style, and around the building there are St. Andrew. The Church therefore has many riches.




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